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"Travis related to the audience in a way that they understood to their core. He left attendees feeling heard, understood and recharged."

Emily Conde

Missouri Behavioral Health Council 

"Travis’ unique experience and firsthand account of venturing to the edge of darkness and making it back is very applicable not only for veteran officers, but also for new police recruits just starting out in this challenging career."

Lt. Daniel Kenney

Jacksonville, FL Sheriff’s Office  

Post Traumatic Purpose is the Life Changing Mental Health Movement that brings awareness to all Military Personnel, Veterans, First Responders, Jailers, Dispatchers, Health Care workers and their family members through hard transparent relatability. Not your typical check in the box wellness training, Post Traumatic Purpose is Real, Raw, Emotionally Energizing and Highly Engaging. It is designed to stimulate positive growth at the individual, professional and family level through ownership, acceptance, humor and motivation.

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