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"From my experience with first responder family and friends, there is no question that this training will save lives, careers, and marriages. This program should be required for all Fire, Police, and 911  personnel. This should be made as part of everyone's initial training. In addition, this program should be required for all City employees in a leadership position."

Rod Olsen

Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

Apopka, FL

Travis Howze Post Traumatic Purpose Course
"Travis related to the audience in a way that they understood to their core. He left attendees feeling heard, understood and recharged."

Emily Conde

Missouri Behavioral Health Council 

"Travis’ unique experience and firsthand account of venturing to the edge of darkness and making it back is very applicable not only for veteran officers, but also for new police recruits just starting out in this challenging career."

Lt. Daniel Kenney

Jacksonville, FL Sheriff’s Office  

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